One of the first books to be published by Magic Cat has been created to bring calm to a busy world. Designed to help readers of all ages slow down – including parents of young children – this was a unique challenge for us as bookmakers, as we often make books on tight deadlines.

The book began with my daughter, Violet, who asked to stop and watch a bee pollinate a flower on the morning nursery run. The question gave rise to other questions – could I explain how a rainbow forms? How would I describe the science behind a thunderstorm? Could I show her how a butterfly emerges from a chrysalis in a step-by-step story that doesn't feature a screen?

It grew to include 50 moments like these that happen around us everyday, all around the world. Visualised by our art director, Nicola Price, the book is designed to help us look outside and be amazed by nature. We hope you enjoy it as much as we have loved making it with illustrator Freya Hartas, who has written a bit about her journey with the book here for us