At Magic Cat Publishing we aim to make our business as sustainable as possible. As creators of children’s books in a process that uses natural resources, we have a responsibility to do this for our young readers and their future. This is an ongoing plan for us and one that we will constantly be monitoring and adapting. We want our business to have the sustainability as our stories.

 Our Books

  • all our books are printed on FSC paper
  • we use soya inks as standard and vegetable inks where available
  • we only work with printers that are accredited to internationally recognised standards such as ICTI
  • all our printers are regularly audited to ensure best working practice
  • we have reduced non-paper elements in our packaging
  • we now have 100% paper-based game products
  • we safety test where appropriate to ensure our books reach the highest standards
  • we consolidate shipping
  • we print lean to avoid excess printing, shipping and stock

 Our Office and culture
  • we recycle and reuse
  • our offices are newly insulated and maximise natural light for energy efficiency
  • we encourage and support green travel
  • we are an equal opportunities employer
  • we are owned and run by working mothers. We want all employees to be able to balance family and work life, and offer flexible working for all employees
  • we create opportunities for young, diverse talent and support the LDN apprenticeship scheme

Our Future
  • we are eliminating single use plastic on an ongoing basis
  • we are committed to lowering our carbon footprint through discourse with third-party consultants
  • we will work with specialist organisations and other Children's publishers to ensure we have the best advice on environmental policy and responsible management
  • we will work with the IPG and Publishers Association to ensure best practice
  • we will continue to learn and to adapt to what is best for our environment

 We design our books as ethically as possible with an emphasis on longevity. We create books for life.