Old Enough to Save the Planet: Meet the activists behind the book

Meet some of the real-life children taking action against climate change from this book. Hear them speak to their passion and their work... in their own words!

Himanji, India, campaigner for reducing the effects of traffic pollution
“Our time is passing on. The beauty of our planet is disappearing. Some elders have done their work – now it’s our turn…”

Felix Finkbeiner, Germany, passionate reforestation activist
“Just talking does not stop the glaciers from melting. Stop talking. Start planting!”

Amy and Ella Meek, creators of Kids Against Plastic
“It doesn’t matter how small your action is or how little time you have – it all helps!”

Hunter James Mitchell, South Africa, campaigner for the protection of rhinos 
“We can be the generation of hope - but we need to speak out now and we need to make changes now.”

Eunita, Kenya, founder of garden that promotes the natural process of pollination
“Without pollination many wild plants would disappear and the landscape would look dull and gloomy. We need to conserve our pollinators.”

Nikita, Ukraine, campaigner for reducing food waste
“Unlike adults, we don’t think that solving problems is too hard. If you see a problem and think you can solve it – just try. It could change the world.”

Shalise, Australia, ocean clean-up advocate
“My dream is that one day plastic will become extinct and not at the expense of our beautiful marine animals.”