If You Go Down to the Woods: Paper Basket

1. Draw a circle on a piece of coloured card using a jar and a pencil and cut it out.

2. Snip small segments around the edge of the circle like shown

3. Take a strip of long rectangular card and cut grassy shapes into it, ask an adult to help you with this if you need to. 

4. Do the same with another piece of card that is a different colour, cut this piece so it is a different height to your first piece as they will be layered on top of eachother later. 

5. Make some flowers and bugs to decorate the outside of your basket. I've made them with cut out card but you could draw or paint them on if you want.

6. Now layer and stick together your two strips of grass

7. Glue the tabs around your circle 

8. Now wrap the grass onto the tabs as shown, this is the most fiddly bit so ask an adult to help you if you're finding it tricky.

9. You could stick sellotape on the inside of the basket to help strengthen it.

10. Cut a long strip of card and glue or sellotape to the inside of the basket to make the handle. 

11. Your basket is finished! Now you can search for the pretty treasures to keep inside it!