Slow Down Activities

Here at Magic Cat, we’ve teamed up with a primary educator to put together some fun activities to keep you and your little ones entertained during lockdown. From colouring-in sheets to nature spotting activities, these interactive resources inspired by Slow Down will encourage mindfulness and aim to help you stay positive during these uncertain times. 

See what you can find

As we wander outside it’s easy to miss the little things. Next time you’re on a walk, pay attention to small details you wouldn’t normally notice. Once you’re back from your walk draw what you saw and label it.

Download the See what you can find activity

Colour yourself calm

Get out your colouring pencils and draw something in nature that brings calmness to your world. It could be a tree blowing in the wind or a robin chirping in the morning. We’ve given you some examples, see if you can name what they are.

Download the Colour yourself calm activity

Design from nature

Get creative! Take inspiration from the endpapers from Slow Down and see if you can create your own design using your favourite animals and plants.

Download the Design from nature activity

Look again

Have a look at the contents page of Slow Down and take some time to think about what moments you regularly witness in nature and which moments you are unlikely to see. Once you’ve done this, think about what effect these moments have on you. What things make you feel calm? Which things are exciting?

Download the Look again activity

Observation Log

Use this log and tick off the things you see whenever you’re out and about. You might not see all of them, but we’ve left some space so you can add some of your own! This kind of activity encourages you to be in present when you’re around nature and pay attention to the world around you.

Download the Observation log activity

Nature Journal

Keeping a journal can help you clear your mind when you’re feeling worried about something. Use this exercise to write down your thoughts, feelings and observations. You can accompany your entries with drawings or photos to remind you of these moments.

Download the Nature Journal activity

Word learners

This glossary page is for any words you’re not quite sure of. Whether you find them in Slow Down or in another book, jot them down and look them up when you get a spare moment. Keep track of the new words you’ve learnt.

Download the Word learners activity

Look around you

A short summary of this activity.

Download the Look around you flag activity